Joseph Carrillo Productions

An Entertainment Production Company owned by Big Oil's Biggest Enemy & Worst Nightmare, Joseph W. Carrillo.



theatre production

Bringing back Vaudeville to retroactively end the Hollywood Blacklist and promote Free-Press & Free-Speech. All shows are in public domain without DRM (digital rights management) and are internationally broadcasted online. We are trying to make news and entertainment more open and get rid of DRM laws. Our media, comedy, and entertainment productions are produced in front of real live audiences, but are also available in video or online. The goal of Joseph Carrillo Productions is to promote free and open news and entertainment media and promote fame without fortune. OPEN the news, OPEN the government, OPEN the media and OPEN a new industry that promotes freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. To us "corporations are not people and money is not speech". DRM laws are not entertaining, and censoring the internet is not entertainment. The entertainmentand industry would be way more entertaining without DRM laws. If celebrities were paid no more than engineers or doctors they would perform because they like performing and being famous instead of trying to get rich. This would cause better performances because only people that like performing in front of large audiences would do it. A-list celebrities are so overpaid some even have stagefright and hide from the paparazzi but remain celebrities because of the money. Barbara Streisand was the first celebrity to attempt to censor the web over a little thing that ended up online, but luckily she discoved the Streisand Effect instead. The logo we chose is a picture of a type of theatre lighting equipment, as you see the theatres can get really nice and dark when someone turns off the limelight.